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Investment castings packing


Packing is the last step to get the investment castings ready before delivery. In our steel foundry, the normally used packing process for investment castings is as below,

1)Making a plywood box according to the size of the investment castings.

2)Putting a big plastic bag inside the plywood box.

3)Then, load the box with products.


Such packages can protect the castings from corrision during seawater travelling. Plywood boxes are also accepted by countries around the world. There's no need to require for FUMIGATION CERTIFICATE to be released from the overseas customs.

Besides this usually used packing, some customers also require the investment castings be protected by separate plastic bubble bags, especially for products that have a higher surface requirements. Such as the packing(grid carton) below, this is used to pack products with high requirement on surface. The surface of the products is white powder coating. The coating are easily crashed with each in normal packing during transportation. When they arrival at the destination, most of the products are useless due to the bad surface. With this special packing, castings will be put in each grind inside the cartons, then the surface can be protected well.

Currently, we are making ten serial of simial investment castings for our customer. To protect the surface from crashing, we make ten kinds of boxes with different height to protect them. After pack them separately, we will put them inside the plywood box for delivery.

Our foundry are open for packing according to requirements from customers!