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How to do letterings on investment castings?


Letterings are widely required on investment castings made in Tongda foundry in China. 

Such letterings can help to indentify the investment castings, trace the quality of the investment castings. There're lots of lettering types on investment castings in China. Then, how to do the letterings on investment castings?

First solution, making the letters by castings directly.

Letterings will be engraved on molds of the investment castings. In this way, the letters will be casted together with the castings. Position, embossed letters or sunken letters are decided by customers.

Second solution, making the letters by pneumatic marking.

Some times, if the position or the thickness of parts are two small, it will be difficult to make the letterings by casting process. We will suggest the letterings by penurmatic marking machine. The letter are more clear in this way.

Third solution, stamping the letters.

If casting letters are not available, we can also stamp the required letterings on the surface of the casting parts or machining parts.

Forth solution, label sticker

Some times, the surface of the investment castings can't be broken or marked. We will stick the letterings using label sticker. During assembling, the sticker can be removed or stayed on the castings.

Lettering methods need to be discussed between customers and manufacturers. Then, to find the best way for letterings on the investment castings.

Tongda foundry can supply letterings according to your requirements. If you have such inquiry, please contact us.

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